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Poetry For The Soul

Frog Prince

For My Soul-mates and Children

Beloveds, for the rest of my life I am yours.
Every breath, every beat of my heart belongs to you.
My purpose, now and forever, is to love and cherish
my children and my beloved's, for they are the reason
for my being and my life.

I shall cherish and continue to believe in and
remember every memory and moment that I have
within this body with all of you.

Within my mind, heart, and soul,
your love is always with me, and I know that I am forever loved.
Divine light and love shine upon us all
and I am blinded by its presence and bathed in its glory.

My heart beats in rhythm with all of yours,
and I know I am home. The truth truly is
"Home is where the heart is..."
for wherever you are, I am home.

I feel forever blessed knowing that you were
and still are a piece in my life.
The past, present, and future have all become one,
and I know who I am.

Despite past difficulties and my human mistakes,
my love inside me has never faltered or strayed.
Despite my human self, my divine piece has always known the truth,
and has helped bring me back to you.

You are my stars; my dreams and hopes come to life within reality,
where anything is possible. I have never truly lost you,
and I never will again, for you are my compass
bringing me home to you.

Whether home is here on this earth we call Gaia,
or in the Summerland in-between, I am always yours.
With each kiss, whether cheek or lips,
I give a piece of myself back to you.

With every hug, I spread my love and warmth among you.
Within my arms you are safe, now and for eternity.
My love will never end, and is as boundless as the sky above.
My hope, faith, and joy shall always be yours, until the day I die.

As you grow, I will always be watching over you,
so that I may guide you towards the strong person
I know you will be. I am yours for eternity
and in that knowledge, know that divine love
is everlasting, and so am I.

By Sweet Absinthe

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